Special Bulletin – September 10, 2021

Special Lodge Bulletin September 10, 2021

Booster vaccine shots are coming to lodges next week.

Please read this bulletin, discuss it with those closest to you, feel free to ask questions and speak to your doctor if you have any vaccine-related questions. AHS Public Health nurses will come to our lodges next week to offer booster shots to our residents for additional protection against the Delta version of the Covid-19 virus.

Alberta Health is offering booster shots to seniors who live in supportive living facilities because they are at risk of the severe effects of the virus. Your chance to get a booster shot next week will occur during the following in-lodge clinics:

Cascade House: Monday, September 13, 2021, starting at 1:15pm. We will organize individual times – please wait for us to come get you when it is your turn.

Bow River Lodge: Friday, September 17, 2021, starting at 9:00am. We will organize individual times – please wait for us to come get you for your turn.

Vaccinations are, by far, the safest way out of the pandemic. Some people are still unsure about the vaccine, but the science is very clear, so let’s continue to stomp out the virus so that we can move on further with our lives. The nurses will bring the Moderna vaccine to Banff and Pfizer to Canmore, which are proven to be many, many times safer than Covid-19. Please, think hard about getting a booster for your safety and that of those around you.

Meanwhile, action is required to protect you and our healthcare system. The fourth wave of cases is driving a high number of outbreaks in seniors living facilities, and hospital beds are filling up, so we still really need your help to keep our lodges virus-free. I recognize and very much appreciate the helpful efforts that most of you have and will continue to make to protect yourselves and others, despite the great challenges of these times.

The current situation is putting tremendous pressure on the healthcare system: there are more than 16,000 active cases in the province, with 82 in the BVRH region. Tragically now more than 2,400 Albertans have died, including 14 from Bow Valley/Bighorn.

We are obviously all very tired of Covid-19, but we still must stay the course and work together for the common good. The core requirements in effect include:
• Stay in your suite if you feel at all unwell except to seek medical assistance. Tell the staff if you feel at all unwell.
• Wash and or sanitize your hands often.
• Consider wearing a mask/covering when you are not in your suite, except when you are actively eating, drinking, or exercising.
• Avoid sick people and crowded places.
• Have the things that you need delivered as much as possible.
• Please connect socially with others via phone or internet as much as possible.
• Mandatory masks for indoor workplaces and public spaces across the province.