Special Bulletin November 24, 2020

Special Lodge Bulletin: Covid-19
November 24, 2020

Please read this bulletin, discuss it with those closest to you and feel free to ask questions.
Thank you to the many lodge residents who are doing what they can to protect
themselves and their neighbours. This is truly the time to take all precautions – the next
few weeks may be the most dangerous times our community ever faces.
Covid-19 cases are setting new records daily. In the past week Alberta has racked up over
8,000 new cases and there are now more than 13,000 in the province, with 52 in Canmore
and 152 in Banff! The Towns of Banff and Canmore are under enhanced restrictions.
Tragically now more than 475 Albertans have died, almost all of whom were seniors.
We are all tired of Covid-19, but we must stay the course and work together for the
common good. You must not leave your suite if you feel sick except to seek medical
assistance. Everyone must wash and or sanitize their hands often, wear a mask, stay apart
from others, and avoid sick people and crowded places. It is important to understand that
BVRH considers behaviour by residents that threatens the safety of others as breaches of
the residency agreement: residents who place themselves and others at risk can be held to
account up to and including eviction.
Sadly Covid-19 has infected a BVRH client in another building. Let’s not let it infect
anyone else in our buildings: stop and think of the risk that you expose your fellow
residents to before you go out of the lodge for non-essential reasons – there are too
many infected people in town to risk going out otherwise.
Key Messages from our leaders
• Prime Minister Trudeau has told us all, “Do not go out if you don’t have to”. The ONLY
thing that is going to beat the second wave is reducing contact with others – we all must
reduce the number of people we come into contact with.
• Premier Kenney says it is time for all of us to up our game, we must all sacrifice and go
the extra mile to stop the spread now.
• Dr. Hinshaw opened a recent briefing with, “The situation is grim”.
• It is more imperative than ever that residents remain vigilant in their actions to protect
themselves and others around them from Covid-19. Residents remain at extremely high
risk for severe outcomes, including death, and serious long-term illnesses.
• Our healthcare system remains on the verge of being overwhelmed – we should expect
elective surgeries and some treatment programs to be suspended. The province’s contact
tracing system is no longer able to keep up, despite hiring hundreds of new tracers –
many people who have been exposed will not be warned by AHS.
• Social gatherings, parties and functions are now banned because they are among the
largest spreaders of the disease – in Banff, Canmore, and most of Alberta we must now
avoid such things until the numbers go back down. Please connect with friends and loved
ones in other, safer ways as much as you can while maintaining your emotional health.
Your obligations during the pandemic:
• As per Alberta Health, it is imperative that residents remain vigilant in their actions to
protect themselves and others around them from Covid-19. Residents remain at extremely
high risk for severe outcomes, including death, if they are infected with Covid-19.
• You must consistently do the following to protect yourself and others:
o Wash or sanitize your hands before leaving, and after returning to your suite.
o Sanitize your hands before entering the elevator and the dining room.
o Lodge residents must now wear a mask/face covering, properly, when out of
their personal suite unless medically unable to do so. Even in the dining room
masks are required except when eating and drinking. This is also required
during activities and even when just sitting in a common area.
o Remember too you must always cover coughs and sneezes.
o Avoid crowds, busy public places, sick people and stay 2m apart from others.
o Do not lean in close to people, do not touch, hug, or shake hands with others.
o Stay in your suite if you do not feel well – and let us know immediately. Check
yourself daily for symptoms of Covid-19 including fever, headache, cough, etc.
o Do not visit with people who are sick.
o Connect with people regularly in safer ways – on the phone, use technology (we can
help with that!), chat from a distance and do not forget handwritten cards!
• Do not go out of the lodge unless it is truly ESSENTIAL. Have your needs delivered
if at all possible. Daily outings must slow down.
• Let us know if you would like to eat in your suite to limit your contact with others.
Resident Outings
• Residents can leave the lodge property for ESSENTIAL outings. Do your part and
respect this rule. Socialization is important to everyone’s wellbeing; however, you must
now really limit your trips out, both in frequency and duration.
• Until the local situation eases residents who take frequent outings off-site will be
required to wear a mask in all lodge common areas due to their much higher risk of
exposure and infection. Residents who do not wear a mask in the common areas but go
out frequently may be required to remain in their suites when in the lodge.

Thank you and stay well,



COVID-19 Update
New targeted health measures in your region(s)
COVID-19 cases continue rising across Alberta. Targeted public health
measures are in place. This is our last chance to avoid more restrictive
Together, these measures will help protect our health care system, keep
schools and businesses open, and protect vulnerable Albertans by limiting the
spread of the virus.
These targeted measures apply to all communities on the enhanced list (purple
• No social gatherings inside your home or outside of your community.
Instead, socialize outdoors or in structured settings, like restaurants or
other business that are subject to legal limits and take steps to prevent
• 15-person limit on social and family gatherings – indoors and outdoors –
where people are mixing and mingling.
• Limit of 3 cohorts: your core household, your school, and one other sport
or social cohort. Young children who attend child care can be part of 4
• Wear a mask in all indoor work settings, except when alone in a
workspace or an appropriate barrier is in place.
• Employers in office settings to implement strategies to reduce the
number of employees in the workplace at one time.
• Restaurants, bars, lounges and pubs must stop liquor sales by 10pm and
close by 11pm (Nov 13-27).
• 50-person limit on wedding ceremonies and funeral services.
• Faith-based gatherings limited to 1/3 capacity at one time.
Learn more about the targeted public health measures in place to protect the
health system and limit the spread.
New measures at a glance