The Bow River Lodge Update – November 2016

The Bow River Lodge Update  15 November, 2016

Keeping you informed about the This is Home project.


How’s it going?

Take a look at these pictures from June and November to see progress being made on the new building exterior.  You’ll see that siding is complete, the beautiful Rundle rock trim is on (see a detail photo at right), plantings are being added, and the oval walking track is in place!  By spring, 2017, we’ll be moving in.  Turn the page to see what’s happening inside the building, and go to page 6 to learn about the move.


Drywall is complete and ready for painting in the central dining hall – the heart of our new home!  But what’s a heart without a hearth?  So the new electric fireplace for the dining hall has been framed in as well (below, left).  Nearby, the vent hoods for the full commercial kitchen are already installed. (below, right).

The views are gorgeous (see above) from the sunny corner lounge upstairs (see below) – and those views will be even better when construction is done and our big windows get washed!  There are spacious lounges upstairs and down, in both wings of the new building.



In many individual units, most painting is complete and commercial-grade sheet vinyl flooring with welded seams has been installed.  The flooring is resilient and cozy underfoot, easy to keep clean, and helps prevent trips and falls.





Individual shower cabinets have solid grab-bars, built-in sturdy seating, easy-to-clean surfaces, and a low lip on the base, for easy access.



All the services are coming together as well.  In the pictures below, you can see the central elevators, high-efficiency boilers, hot water tanks and water softener systems.  Up on the roof, amid more amazing views, condensers for the big freezers, kitchen vent outlets and the air exchange systems are in place.

The This Is Home project is made possible thanks to support from the Alberta Government, Government of Canada, and BVRH contributing municipalities Towns of Banff and Canmore, MD of Bighorn, Kananaskis Improvement District, and Banff National Park ID9.  

   The Big Move

Although we don’t yet have a firm date for building handover, Ian Wilson, the CAO of Bow Valley Regional Housing, is looking ahead!  “We are working on a resident move plan that we will finalize once we have our occupancy date,” he says.  “We will be sure to share lots of information about the moving process and hold meetings well in advance with our residents and their family members”. 

Here’s some key information about the future move:

  • Before the move can take place, the new building will be fully commissioned, operational and tested.
  • Rooms in the new building will be assigned based on length of residence at the Lodge and mobility (those who are unable to negotiate stairs will be on the ground floor).
  • The move will happen in orderly stages, probably over a 3-day to 4-day period.
  • Bow Valley Regional Housing will provide moving materials and handle furniture setupAdult family members are welcome to help residents pack and unpack their most-treasured belongings, and there will be assistance for anyone who needs help and doesn’t have helpers available.
  • ·         we will provide lots of advance notice and information, to avoid gaps and minimize stress for everyone.


Support for This Is Home

Fundraising is underway for furnishing, fixtures and equipment for the Phase 1 building.  These items are not covered by provincial funding.

Financial donations big and small are welcome.  Fund an armchair or an entire lounge, a side table or a whole bedroom!  If you would like to help create a warm and welcoming home for Bow Valley seniors, please call Ian Wilson at 403-678-5922, or email