2021 BVRH Requisition

2021 BVRH Requisition Each year we requisition funds from the ratepayers of the region through our member municipalities. The funds enable us to provide licensed supportive living accommodations to the seniors of the Bow Valley region. This year we have a good news/bad news situation. The good news is we had a very successful year […]

Special Bulletin May 17, 2021

Special Lodge Bulletin May 17, 2021 This bulletin is meant to clarify the new rules around Public Health Order 16-2021, specifically with regard to the survey results about indoor social visitors. The majority of the residents of both lodges have chosen NOT TO ALLOW INDOOR SOCIAL VISITORS at this time. Order 16-2021 requires 51% or […]

April 2021 BVRH Monthly Bulletin

Monthly Bulletin April 2021 NEWS, INITIATIVES AND EVENTS 2021 Municipal Requisition The conjunction of major unforeseen expenditures has required a larger-than-normal requisition, with some implications for future years as well. In 2020 we spent $841,000 to safeguard our licensed supportive living residents and employees in emergency response to Covid-19. We expect to spend another $690,000 […]